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Men are from Mars, women are from Venus and the intel who gave D5's drug info to Du30 is from?
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MANILA, Philippines – In his book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, American author John Gray says that relationship problems between men and women are due to psychological differences between the sexes.

In the Philippines, there is a famous and powerful man and an equally famous and plucky woman who are also in conflict with each other -- apparently not because of relational, psychological, or sexual tension -- but due to their political differences.

Their dispute dates back to eight years ago when then Commission on Human Rights chair Leila de Lima investigated the spate of alleged vigilante killings in Davao whose mayor then was Rodrigo Duterte. In 2009, the De Lima-led CHR said extrajudicial killings in Davao were rampant because alleged hit men from the Davao Death Squad had the tacit support of the city government. 

The political tension between them worsened after Duterte won the presidency last year. Rody and Leila’s accusations against each other flew fast, furious, and at times frivolous until De Lima got arrested and detained last month on drug charges.

But putting De Lima behind bars didn’t bar her from barking back at her archenemy at the Palace.

After Duterte, according to Sen. J.V. Ejercito, told senators during a dinner meet in Malacañang that the info about De Lima’s illegal drug connections came from U.S. intel, the detained senator fired back with mockery at her favorite foe through her handwritten notes from Crame.

“Foreign intel??? It might as well be an intel from the planet Mars or Jupiter,” said De Lima about the Palace dinner talk last Tuesday, the same day when former solicitor general Florin Hilbay was passionately defending the senator before the Supreme Court.

“I highly doubt whether there’s such a U.S. intel. If there is, it must be a spurious one or based from a highly dubious polluted source or sources,” she said.

If Duterte really has the information from the supposed U.S. intel, De Lima said the President should also be ready to come out with its details so she could confront the intel’s claims.

But like Duterte’s claim that he saw De Lima in a sex video with her lover, De Lima thinks that this intel claim by the President is another dud.

Malaking kalokohan na naman po ito,” the senator said.

“Another big lie! Incessant black propaganda,” she said, repeating that, “I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the illegal trade.”

As she continues to be imprisoned in a compound she shares with two former senators whom she earlier accused of plundering public funds via their pork barrel, De Lima ponders on her safety.

“I may be safe where I am now physically. But up to when will I truly be safe?”

She answers her own question: “As long as I’m heard, as long as the global community continues to set its eyes and raise a concerted voice of concern and condemnation about the extrajudicial killings and my persecution, I’m probably safe here now.”

“But it might be a different story once people begin to forget and abandon me.” - ARCS/Illustration by Jamer Mercado,