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WATCH | Suspect arrested after car owners victimized in ‘Rent-Tangay’ scheme

Taychicus Nambio, a suspect in illegal rent-a-car scheme. (TV5 video grab)
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MANILA, Philippines - Angry car owners, who were victimized in a “Rent-Tangay” scheme, trooped to the Biñan Police Station after the agent, who convinced them to have their cars rented for a hefty profit but were pawned to other persons, was arrested on Wednesday.

The agent, Tychicus Nambio, is a business partner of Rafaela Anunciacion, the alleged mastermind of the Rent-Tangay scheme. 

Under the Rent-Tangay scheme, Nambio and Anunciacion would convince car owners to become business associates in a rent-a-car service and have their cars rented for a hefty profit. At first, the car owners will get paid but, unknowingly, in the end their vehicles will be pawned to other people.

According to the Biñan police, Nambio was arrested after one of his victims confronted him inside a barangay office and a commotion ensued.

At the Biñan Police Station, the suspect only said a few words when News5 tried to get his statement. He said he was also a victim, and assured that the pawned vehicles will be returned.  

Some victims lamented that, not only did they lose their cars, they still have to pay the monthly amortization of the cars to the bank and may be charged by the bank.  

Nearly 2,000 of the pawned vehicles were turned over to the Highway Patrol Group of the Philippine National Police.   

Some of the recovered vehicles were brought to the office of the National Bureau of Investigation in Tagaytay City.  

In Valenzuela City, the parking lot of its police station was almost filled with vehicles recovered from the Rentangay scheme.

The victims kept a close watch at Nambio at the Biñan Police Station since the complaint of syndicated estafa has not yet been filed against the suspect. They were told by the police that the charges of swindling and grave threat which were filed against Nambio are bailable.

Authorities are pinning down Anunciacion and a certain Jhennelyn Berroya, who has victimized taxi operators.

Charges of carnapping were filed against the suspects.