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LOOK & WATCH | Surigao City the day after the quake

USGS map shows the epicenter of the Surigao City earthquake that struck near midnight of Friday, February 11, 2017.
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(UPDATE 2 - 7:44 p.m.)

Initial images and videos of the earthquake aftermath in Surigao City starkly show badly shaken buildings, cracked walls and facades and damaged bridges. As aftershock after aftershock rattled their composure, countless local residents remained flustered, unnerved and unable to adequately deal with the trauma that struck near midnight Friday, February 10, when much of the city had already gone to bed.

Photographed by Erwin Mascariñas, InterAksyon

Photograph from PIA-Caraga

At the airport, parts of the runway are cracked and disheveled after its foundation got roiled by the seismic waves, thus cutting off access to the city by air.

Photograph from the Philippine Information Agency-Caraga

In the aftermath of the quake, Dr. Renato Solidum, Director of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, articulated concerns regarding the risk of liquefaction.

Solidum explained that the phenomenon of liquefaction occurs as a result of shaking that is so strong that sand, water and sediments begin to move like gelatin – like what happened at Surigao Airport, where the underlying soil is soft since the airport is situated near Banahaw River.

The coastal Surigao City sits on a delta-like landform flanked by Bilang-bilang Bay on the east side and the mouth of Banahaw River at its northwest. A branch of Banahaw River cuts through downtown.

The bridge connecting Anao-aon and San Francisco in Surigao del Norte snapped into three parts, with the middle portion sagging into the river. The photograph below was posted on Facebook by user April Iren Claire Balabala:

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The News5 Facebook Page has a collection of images compiled in an album. Access it through the URL below:

News5Everywhere Surigao Earthquake Photo Album.

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Aksyon News Alert Flash Report anchored by Michelle Orosa-Ople:

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