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NUJP urges vigilance as website restored
The online news portal of TV5

MANILA, Philippines -- The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines on Wednesday urged vigilance “against all forces who wish to silence the free exchange of opinion and dissent in their desire to force us to sing one tune” as it announced the restoration of its website,

The media organization’s site was taken down by a massive denial of service attack Monday night.

Announcing that the site was back, the NUJP said in a statement: “As we said then, we were down but never out because, no matter how hard the enemies of press freedom and free expression try, we, the NUJP, the independent Philippine media, the Filipino journalists, and all freedom-loving Filipinos who we serve will never be silenced.”

It thanked “those who helped spread the message and who stood by us, and those who assisted us in restoring the website.”

In calling for vigilance, it said those seeking to stifle free expression “and their dark goals are anathema to democracy, which can only thrive in the full exercise of our freedoms and the full enjoyment of our rights.”