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WATCH | Coed hospitalized after hazing by Tau Gamma Phi sorority members

Tau Gamma Phi hazing outcome in Las Piñas City.
The online news portal of TV5

MANILA, Philippines - A student of the Lyceum of the Philippines was hospitalized after undergoing hazing by about 40 sorority members of Tau Gamma Phi over the weekend in Las Piñas City.

She had contusions at the back of her thighs and candle burns at her back after undergoing hazing by members of the sorority at an abandoned house in Las Piñas on January 8, according to her mother.

The mother said her daughter was hit by a paddle and belt more than 50 times, and when she passed out, the sorority members tried to revive her by forcibly pulling her tongue out with a spoon. When she came to, they didn’t even bring her to the hospital, the mother said.

The student told her mother that she joined the initiation rites because she was forced by the sorority members and was threatened if she didn’t.

After the student was hospitalized, her recruiter Lady Master Yunara even sent a text message inquiring about her condition and telling her to be an active member.

The Lyceum of the Philippines said it doesn’t recognize any fraternity or sorority, adding that it does not allow any form of violence and does not know of the incident.

In fact, it said it prohibits the students from joining fraternities, and would expel a student found guilty of joining one.

The parents of the student vowed to pursue charges against the suspects.