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8 out of 10 Pinoys worry about becoming EJK victims

Chart from SWS poll on worries about extra-judicial killings.
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MANILA - A climate of fear perturbs many Filipinos nowadays, concerned that they, or people they know, may become victims of extra-judicial killings (EJK) in the midst of the Duterte administration's campaign against illegal drugs, a survey from Social Weather Stations (SWS) said.

In the Fourth Quarter 2016 Social Weather Survey findings on the administration's campaign against illegal drugs and on Extra-Judicial Killing, eight of 10 of the respondents surveys said they are worried about becoming victims of EJK (45 percent very worried; 33% somewhat worried); while the rest of the respondents said they were not too worried (10%) or not at all worried (12%).

The respondents were asked the question: Gaano po kayo nangangamba na kayo o sino mang kilala ninyo ay maging biktima ng Extra Judicial Killing o EJK? Kayo ba ay Talagang Nangangamba, Medyo Nangangamba, Medyo Hindi Nangangamba, o Talagang Hindi Nangangamba.

Still, in the face of this, majority of the Filipinos surveyed also believed in the seriousness of the administration in solving EJK (38%, very serious; 32%, somewhat serious; 20% undecided; 6%, somewhat not serious; 4%, not serious at all).

The survey was conducted from December 3-6, 2016 using face-to-face interviews nationwide of 1,500 adults. The sampling error margins were +/-3% for national percentages; +/-4% for Balance Luzon; and +/-6% each for Metro Manila, Visayas and Mindanao.

The poll was done in partnership with BusinessWorld.

In the same survey, seven of 10 Filipinos said EJK was a serious problem in the current administration (39%, very serious; 30%, somewhat serious); 22% was undecided; 6% believe it was "somewhat not serious"; and, 3% said it was "not serious at all."

A total of 42% also said they were undecided when asked about their opinion on whether the police are telling the truth that the suspects they killed really resisted arrest; 19% said it was "probably the truth;" 13% believe it was "probably not the truth;" 16% said it was "definitely not the truth;" and, 9% said it was "definitely the truth."

Despite being worried about EJK, majority of the Filipinos said they were "very satisfied" with the performance of the administration in its campaign against illegal drugs (53%); 32% were "somewhat satisfied;" seven% were undecided; 5% were somewhat dissatisfied; and, 3% were very dissatisfied.

The respondents also believed that there has been a decrease in the drug problem in their respective areas since Rodrigo Duterte became President – 53%, strongly agree; 32% somewhat agree; 9% undecided; two% somewhat disagree; 1% strongly disagrees.