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Uncoordinated demolition led to traffic chaos at NAIA T3 - DOTr

NAIA Terminal 3, file photo.
The online news portal of TV5

MANILA - Heavy traffic congestion experienced by passengers of NAIA Terminal 3 last Friday, (October 28) was traced to the demolition - without due coordination with the Inter-agency Council on Traffic (I-ACT) - of the existing Skyway ramp of NAIA-Ex, the Transportation department said Sunday.

It was bad timing especially that it was a long weekend and people were trooping to the provinces for the Undas to honor their dearly departed, DOTr said in a statement.

The DOTr said that when it was made known to Secretary Art Tugade, he directed the IACT to call the attention of SOMCO/Skyway management and asked to immediately suspend the works on the ramp. The ramp works had created a horrendous traffic buildup, causing anxiety among thousands of motorists and passengers rushing to catch flights.

Thus, DMCI, the contractor, immediately stopped the demolition works, but by then, one lane had already become unpassable.

Engr. Alec Cruz, head of Tollways operation of Skyway, went to the site and verified the situation to find out if it was possible to open another ramp to ease the pressure on the one that they closed.

Manny Bonoan, President of SOMCO/ Skyway, announced later that NAIAX Ramp 1 was temporarily opened to relieve the Terminal 3 and Andrews Avenue of traffic congestion. This is an additional access to the elevated section towards Makati and south-bound areas like Alabang.

Traffic started to move slowly due to heavy volume of vehicles. Skyway traffic patrollers were also deployed in the Terminal 3 area as far as the Sales Interchange, helping the IACT traffic patrollers manage the flow of traffic.

The traffic situation on Saturday and Sunday in the Andrews Avenue and Sales Bridge area has been light to moderate, with the entrance to Terminal 3 described by DOTras moderate to slow-moving.