Richard Branson calls out PH drug killings

Richard Branson.
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MANILA - The English business tycoon and philanthropist, Richard Branson, weighed in Friday in his blog to say, in plain unminced words, that President Duterte’s war on drugs "is not the answer."

It’s not easy to suppress frustration and anger reading news from the Philippines these days, Branson opened his blog, observing that "when President Rodrigo Duterte took office on June 30th, he vowed to double down on the country’s war on drugs – and double down he did."

Duterte's "unprecedented and brutal call for people to take matters into their own hands," Branson said, "has had devastating and shocking consequences."

The atrocities, he noted, "are clear and unacceptable violations of international human rights standards the Philippines signed to uphold. Given how systematic and widespread these extrajudicial killings are, I wonder how long it will be until someone points out that what has been unfolding are actual crimes against humanity."

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